Free Kids Easter Themed Recipes

Here's your FREE Easter Holiday Category Kids Recipe Cards and Photo Journaling Templates.  The.PDF file is for those of you that wish to print and hand make your Children's Recipe Cookbooks.  The .PNG files are in the .ZIP format. Just unzip or unpack the files inside on your computer and use them in your favorite Photo editor, Digital Scrapbook or Wordprocessing software to create your Children's Cookbook and Photo Memory Journals.

easter ducks and eggs purple and gray  spring chickens and deviled eggs   flour cinnamon baking brownsugar

hard boiled eggs no crack easy   devilish-eggs holiday foods and dinners  sticky buns rolls and breads peter cottontail hopping

No Crack Hard Boiled Eggs    Deviled Eggs    Sticky Buns

FPkidseaster001.pdf       FPkidseaster002.pdf       FPkidseaster003.pdf


bunnies birds and nesting treats  bunny milk and spring critters  baby chicks easter-eggs dyed marshmallows

bird nests snacks birdies and colors   easter-bunny oranges lemons butter  chick flocks, jelly beans, rainbow styled theme

Easter Bird Nests    Easter Cookies    Easter Chicks

FPkidseaster004.pdf       FPkidseaster005.pdf       FPkidseaster006.pdf


apples, ornge, peach lemonjuice spices  creamcheese vanilla milk dairy snacks  bananas sour cream lemons fruits snack

microwave apple crisp oatmeal crumbs   no bake cheesecake creamy smooth  peanutbutter banana roll-ups pbj

Microwave Apple Crisp    No Bake Cheesecake    P-B Banana Rollups

FPkidseaster007.pdf       FPkidseaster008.pdf       FPkidseaster009.pdf



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