Free Kids St Patrick's Day Recipes

Here's your FREE St Patrick's Day Category Kids Recipe Cards and Photo Journaling Template Downloads.  The.PDF file is for those of you that wish to print and hand make your Children's Recipe Cookbooks.  The .PNG files are in the .ZIP format. Just unzip or unpack the files inside on your computer and use them in your favorite Photo editor, Digital Scrapbook or Wordprocessing software to create your Children's Cookbook and Photo Memory Journals.


irish soda bread emerald isles  irish potato candy scotland  corned beef cabbage stew vegetables healthful eats

irish-soda-bread flour milk sugar  potatoes candies sweets for little folks  corn-beef-cabbage stew soups

Irish Soda Bread    Irish Potato Candy    Corned Beef Cabbage Stew

kidsstpats001.pdf       kidsstpats002.pdf       kidsstpats003.pdf


ireland brown-bread honey rainbow  mint cheesecake puddings horseshoe frames  shamrock pudding shakes greens

brownbread blarney yeast  minty cheesy cakes vanilla  pudding shamrock-shakes fun drinks

Irish Brown Bread    Mint Cheesecake    Shamrock Pudding Shakes

kidsstpats004.pdf       kidsstpats005.pdf       kidsstpats006.pdf


rainbows golden parfaits emerald isles  leprechaun pie little peopls desserts  boyos and lasses leprechaun-hats cookies

over-the-rainbow-gold parfait  leprechauns pies meats hambergers  clovers hats cookies

Rainbow Gold Parfaits    Leprechaun pie    Leprechaun Hat Cookies

FPkidsstpats007.pdf       FPkidsstpats008.pdf       FPkidsstpats009.pdf


grasshopper cookie bars chocolate adn mint   citrus cooler juices   colored popsicles juice blueberry ornage

grass hopper snacks mint delicious   rainbows citrus coolers drinks   rainbow pop sicles summer spring treats

Grasshopper Cookie Bars   Rainbow Citrus Coolers   Rainbow Popsicles

FPkidsstpats010.pdf       FPkidsstpats011.pdf       FPkidsstpats012.pdf


fruit cups grapes raspberries berries  pot 'o gold pudding sauces  lemon-cream-pops frosty frozen popsicles

rainbow fruity-cups berry flavor mangos tropical  pot-of-gold-pudding instantly yummy  lemoncream puddingpops richness of lemony goodness

Rainbow Fruit Cups   Pot O'Gold Pudding   Lemon Cream Pops

FPkidsstpats013.pdf       FPkidsstpats014.pdf       FPkidsstpats015.pdf



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