Free Kids Appetizer Recipes

Here's your FREE Children's Appetizer Category Kids Recipe Cards and Photo Journaling Templates.  The.PDF file is for those of you that wish to print and hand make your Children's Recipe Cookbooks.  The .PNG files are in the .ZIP format. Just unzip or unpack the files inside on your computer and use them in your favorite Photo editor, Digital Scrapbook or Wordprocessing software to create your Children's Cookbook and Photo Memory Journals.

creamy dill dip pickles mustard spices   chocolate chip cheese balls recipe cards cooking with little ones  white chocolate snack mixvin the kitchen cookbooks

dill spice pickled mayonnaise condiments dill-weed  cheese-ball brown sugar vanilla extact cookbook  choco snax mix cereal white-chocolate drops m&m shortening

Creamy Dill Dip    Choco Chip Cheese Ball    White Choco Snack

FPkidsapp001.pdf       FPkidsapp002.pdf       FPkidsapp003.pdf



picnic fare bergers, hot dogs, deviled eggs catsup cook book  potatoes and baking frying cooking  mayo dills weeds cucumbers

popcorn nachos wheel-of-cheese   cheese italian potoato skins salad dressing  polish-pickles for little ones to make cook books

Popcorn Nacho    Cheese Italian Potato Skins   Polish Pickles

FPkidsapp004.pdf       FPkidsapp005.pdf       FPkidsapp006.pdf 


cinco de mayo green red peppers jalepenos hamburgers  sour-cream, butter or margarine, salt  pepper frames cookbooking fun  ketchup and pepper vegetables

taco cups decorated with tomato, shredded-cheese and biscuits  hashbrowns onion bowls of shreded cheeses  cornbread dog bites quick meals easy to create

Taco Cups    Party Potato Hashbrowns    Corn Bread Dog Bites

FPkidsapp007.pdf       FPkidsapp008.pdf       FPkidsapp009.pdf


italian piggy meatballs animal themed  chicken-birds style chicks and tators roosters on the farm  pancakes turnners silverware dishes

sausage balls sugar and pork  spicy chicken bits salted and peppered basil paprika milk based  pigs in a blanket weiners hotdog eats

Sausage Balls        Spicy Chicken Bits     Pigs in a Blanket

FPkidsapp010.pdf       FPkidsapp011.pdf       FPkidsapp012.pdf


apetizer eats with snacking after school snacks  meat-balls tomatoes loaf of bread coconut  buttery herbal breads garlic minced

ham-cheese-balls rolled wiht port  toaster pizzas dough with flour soda toasted  butter herb cheezy breaded loaves

Ham & Cheese Balls      Easy Toaster Pizzas     Butter/Herb Cheezy Bread

FPkidsapp013.pdf       FPkidsapp014.pdf       FPkidsapp015.pdf


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